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return to topHow does CashForGadgets work?

Using CashForGadgets is a quick and easy way to sell your old electronics without the traditional hassles of peer-to-peer selling. Simply search for your item, evaluate its condition to receive an offer and then checkout to receive your FREE shipping label and FREE shipping box. You can choose to be paid via check or PayPal. It really is that easy so hurry up!

return to topDoes CashForGadgets sell my personal information?

No, we never sell, rent, or share any of your personal information with other individuals, companies, or third parties. We respect your privacy and only use your information to generate a shipping label. Every device that comes through our doors is wiped clean of all confidential information and reset to its factory settings. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

return to topDoes using CashForGadgets cost me anything?

No, never! In fact, we pay YOU for your old gadgets. It’s that easy. Simply search for your device, evaluate its condition and receive a quote on what we’ll pay you for it! We provide FREE shipping and a FREE box and you can choose to be paid via check or PayPal.

return to topWhat items does CashForGadgets buy?

We currently purchase iPhones, iPads, iPods, recent model Apple desktops and laptops, Apple TV and select smartphones.
You can see which items we purchase by searching on our homepage or using the drop down box to “Select a Product”.

return to topWhat does CashForGadgets do with the items we buy?

All of the items we receive at our facilities are first wiped clean of all confidential data and then looked to be resold. We believe that reuse is the highest form of sustainability so we aim to get used devices back into the market for reuse. As a result, fewer items get thrown into landfills or sit dormant collecting dust in a drawer, and fewer people buy brand new gadgets since great condition used gadgets are readily available. We look to resell the devices we receive through optimal channels to get the best return, and therefore, offer the best possible value to our customers.

return to topHow does CashForGadgets determine the value of my item?

We use a proprietary pricing engine technology that scans and aggregates market data from a variety of sources to determine the highest, most current, true market value of your item.

return to topWhat happens once I have sent in my item?

Once your item is sent in, we wait to receive it at our facilities. Once your item is received, it will go through a quick inspection process by one of our certified trained inspectors where the accuracy of your evaluation is confirmed and all personal data is wiped. Most transactions take about a week once we receive your item and we’ll send you email updates at every step of the way.

return to topI don’t have everything my device came with. Can I still sell it?

Yes, you can still sell your used gadget to us even without the accessories, but please remember to include your battery and wall charger for optimal payouts and checkout times. If we can’t inspect your item because we have to order a battery for it, this can delay your inspection process and we want to process your items as quickly as possible.

return to topWhat if I mailed my item to you, but I forgot the accessories?

If you forgot any part of your order, please mail it to us here:
CashForGadgets- Attn: Customer Care
1817 42nd St, Unit 2B
Long Island City, 11105

Include the name of the item sent in, your name, and your Order ID (looks like xyz and is located in the email we sent you immediately after you checked out.) You can also reprint your Packing Slip to include with the accessory you forgot so we know which order it’s part of. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for shipping for items that you forgot using the original label.

return to topIs there a limit to the number of items I can sell to CashForGadgets?

No! Feel free to sell us as many gadgets as you want and receive as much cash as you can!

return to topWhy can’t I find my item?

We try to include all the latest and greatest from the tech world so we’ve focused the list of items we buy to enable us to provide you the best experience possible. We currently purchase iPhones, iPads, iPods, recent model Apple desktops and laptops, Apple TV and select smartphones.
For items we don’t purchase, please visit your local recycling center.

return to topWhat happens if you disagree with the condition I select for my item?

If our evaluation does not match up with the condition you selected for your item, the offer may decrease or increase. If your offer changes for any reason, we’ll email you with the new value and the reason for any changes. Unfortunately, once you send your item in, we cannot return it to you.

return to topWhat happens if I disagree with CashForGadget’s new offer?

Once you send your item into we will not return it under any circumstance.

return to topWhen does my offer expire?

Your offer is good for 30 days from checkout, meaning we have to receive your item at our facilities within 30 days of you submitting a checkout. The value of gadgets decline pretty quickly over time as new gadgets come out so we can only honor your offer for 30 days. If we receive your item after 30 days, we’ll let you know the current market value. If your offer has expired, but you would still like to sell your item to CashForGadgets, go to and go through the checkout process again to see what your item is worth today.

return to topShould I remove my SIM card before sending in my phone or iPad?

Yes, we recommend that you remove the SIM card from your phone before sending it to us. The SIM card holds data related to your unique phone number and we don't need it to evaluate the phone. However, if you forget to remove your SIM card, we will remove it for you as part of our inspection process and destroy it so none of your confidential data is lost. Unfortunately, if you forget your SIM card in your device, it cannot be returned to you because our certified techs are trained to remove SIM cards upon inspection.
On most devices, the SIM card is located under the battery and can easily be ejected by simply sliding it out. iPhone and iPad SIM cards are a little bit trickier and require the use of a SIM eject tool or paperclip. The SIM tray for older iPhones (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS) is at the top of the device and on the side of the device for newer iPhones and iPads. To remove the SIM from an iPhone or iPad, insert the end of a SIM eject tool or a small thin paper clip into the hole on the SIM tray. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out, remove the card, and replace the tray.

return to topWhat shipping methods does CashForGadgets offer?

We offer a FREE shipping label and FREE box through our partnership with the USPS. We will email you your shipping label at checkout so if you don’t feel like waiting for a box, you can speed up the process and use your own box.
You are welcome to use any other shipping carrier at your own expense.

return to topHow should I pack my items?

Electronics require special care when packing so make sure you’re providing adequate cushion to them while packing them up to ensure they arrive to our facilities safely.
We’ll send you a FREE box and for most phones even include some FREE bubble wrap packs for extra padding. Newspaper works great for extra cushioning and is great for the environment. Before you send your items off, make sure they aren’t moving around inside.
CashForGadgets cannot and will not be held responsible for items that are damaged in transit due to poor packing. If you’re unsure of how to pack your items up, please visit your local Post Office for help.

return to topHow do I track my package?

You can track your package using the USPS website at and clicking “Track & Confirm” on the left hand side or by logging into your account and clicking “My Account”. Additionally, you can always click the “Track Your Trades” link at the top of every page on CashForGadgets.

return to topI printed my pre-paid shipping label, but how do I attach it?

Attach the pre-paid shipping label to your package using clear tape. Please do not tape over any barcode information so that we can safely scan your items into our inventory system at our facilities. If you cover the barcodes with tape, the USPS won’t be able to provide tracking of your items along the way.

return to topWhere do I ship my item?

Once you’ve printed out your pre-paid USPS shipping label and securely taped it to your box, you can drop it off at your local Post Office or give it to your friendly neighborhood mailman. Find a USPS location near you on the USPS website.

return to topThe box you sent me is too small. Can I use the label on a larger box?

We’re sorry the box we sent you didn’t work out.
Feel free to use the label on any box you have laying around the house or go to your local Post Office and get a FREE box.

return to topHow long does it take for me to get paid?

The whole process once we receive your item takes about a week. We typically receive items to our facilities within three to four business days, but delivery with the USPS is out of our control. Items are then inspected within two to three business days and payment is issued two to three business days afterwards. We’ll notify you once we’ve received your item to let you know it arrived safe, again after its gone through inspection, and finally to let you know that payment has been submitted.

return to topHow do I get paid?

CashForGadgets offers payment via check or PayPal, the cash is the same, but the choice is yours!

return to topMy payment has not arrived yet. What do I do?

Payment is typically issued within one week from when we receive your item. When your payment is issued, we’ll send you an email letting you know.
Once we initiate payment, the time it takes to reach you may vary, depending on how you chose to be paid. Please allow up to 10 business days for any payment that sent through the mail.
PayPal payments are electronic so they are more under our control and will reach you faster. If you have any questions or concerns about your payment, please contact customer care through email and we’ll be happy to check on your payment status.

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